Age Requirements:

Must be 5 by September 1

Program Options:

Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Before and After Care Available

Student Ratio:

1 Teacher – 12 Students (Maximum class size: 24 Students)



Workbook: God and Me (ACSI)

Our Bible curriculum focuses on familiar children’s stories of the Bible. We will explore stories like creation, Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and many others that let children appreciate these people who made a difference and who built a foundation of living. During these Bible stories, students learn morals and values that can adapt to real life situations. Being obedient, being honest, sharing and telling the truth are just a few that are important at this age.


Workbook: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley

This is designed to teach students the basic skills and concepts they need in math. There is a lot of hand-on and visual learning activities involved in these math lessons. Some of the concepts taught are positioning, sorting, graphing, measurement, counting, telling time, money, fractions, addition and subtraction. Students will be assessed by observations, weekly workbook pages and a chapter test.

Social Studies:

Workbook: Who we are! Scott Foresman

Who we are! will introduce students to the people around them. It will give them an introduction to the helpers in the community, jobs, money and countries around the world, early explorers and basic geography. We will also be learning about many places around the world. The children will have fun as they color, draw, write and cut.


Workbook: Harcourt Trophies

This reading curriculum evolves around phonemic awareness. The themes that are presented in the Harcourt Trophies reading program are “Getting to know you”, “I am special”, “Around the Table”, and “Silly Business”. There are two types of phonemic awareness instruction in the curriculum. The first is word-play activities that draw attention to sound in spoken language, poems and read aloud literature. The second is a more formal instruction that focuses on letter/sound correspondences so students learn the alphabet and new words. Students will learn to build words by blending sounds together, decoding them and then reading sentences.


Workbook: Harcourt Trophies

Phonics is integrated into the reading curriculum. We are constantly sounding out the alphabet letters and blending them into words. The students are assessed by using the Harcourt Phonics practice booklet in which it reviews each letter and their sounds.

Workbook: Letters & Sounds (A Beka Book)

This workbook will be integrated into our reading and phonics program. The pages provide practice with letters and sound: short and long vowels, consonants and special sounds. Students will begin to read words and simple sentences.


Workbook: Writing with Phonics (A Beka Book)

As we practice writing, students will learn how to properly hold their pencil as well as slanting the paper correctly. As vowels, consonants and words are introduced students will learn to write them. We will use Writing with Phonics to help them hear the sounds they are writing. These papers will also encourage reading for they will enjoy reading the sentences to their parents.


Workbook: Science, see learning in a whole new light (Scott Foresman)

Teaching science to Kindergarten may be difficult but using “Simple Lessons”, this satisfies their curiosity to the world around them. The purpose of this book is to stimulate their interest in the world that God has made for them. They will understand that God has a plan for each part of His creation as well as for their life. We will explore life science, earth science, physical science, space and technology. We will conduct simple experiments and do activities in our workbook and activity booklets.

Parent Partnership:

We value the partnership between the home and the school. We encourage parent involvement in our special events that take place on a weekly and/or monthly basis at Christian Life Academy. There are many other places within our program that parent volunteers are welcome and appreciated.

Weekly Specials:

Chapel: Every Wednesday we gather the children for a time of Bible story telling and music. We learn about the Bible and how the Bible teaches us to live our lives.

Music and Movement: Two times a week your student will be a part of a 60-minute program that improves their gross motor skills, coordination skills and music skills through a gym class put to music at an age-appropriate level.

Special Yearly Events:

Thanksgiving Feast, Gingerbread House Decorating, Heartful Helpers, March is Reading Month, Dad’s Day Out, Mother’s Day, Field Day and Graduation.

*We are an equal opportunity child care provider and employer