Group Life



At Christian Life Center we believe group life is the optimum environment for a believer to experience spiritual formation, authentic relationships and missional living.

The Mission of Small Groups

At Christian Life Center we want to create an environment in which life-change can take place as people develop their love for God and others.

How we define a small group

Small Groups are groups of 3 – 12 individuals who commit themselves to the Lord and to one another and who meet regularly in someone’s home for discipleship, spiritual nurture, and care.

Small Groups are informal and relaxed, but follow a coordinated plan of study and prayer. The desire is not simply to know God’s Word better; it is to learn to apply the Scriptures to daily life. Group members commit themselves to pray and care for one another.

Small Groups do not have a traditional “teacher” in the group, but there is a trained facilitator who guides the discussion and coordinates the sharing of needs and the conversational prayer.

Small Groups create an atmosphere that enables honest sharing of personal needs. They provide a warm atmosphere for honest questions about life and faith. The groups provide a forum for both new and existing believers to learn to verbalize their faith in front of others.

The Benefits of Small Groups

Small Groups are a place of spiritual formation

Those who participate in small groups will grow in their spiritual life. Learning Scriptural principles and how to apply them to their life will result in spiritual growth. Through the transformation of heart and mind, participants will become more like Christ.

Small Groups are a place of authentic relationships

We desire that our small groups will become places where you can know and be known. Authenticity and acceptance are critical in healthy relationships.

Small Groups are a place of missional living

We believe that our small groups should be places of service and ministry. Healthy small groups exist for more than those in the group. They reach out and touch the lives that God brings into their paths.

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