About Missions At CLC

Vision Statement

To expand the impact of Christian Life Center outside of its local area by providing support to various missionaries, missionary organizations, and academic institutions whose primary goals are to connect people to Jesus Christ through an authentic experience with God

The Heart of God

Why did the God who created the entire universe send his son to this tiny little blue planet to give his life for all his children? Because he has a great big heart, because he loves us more than we will ever be able to understand. And God is in the business of molding and shaping our hearts until they look and feel and love like his heart does.

That’s why Missions is so important at CLC! Missions is all about seeing the world the way God sees it.

God loves people in Bensalem and in Philadelphia. And God loves people scattered around the world form Haiti to Hungary, from India to Israel, from Bolivia to Scotland and Germany. That’s why we support missionaries to all those countries and others too, as well as missions outreaches right here in our own backyard.

Missions at CLC is all about the heart of God moving radical senders to help the radical goers take God’s love throughout the world.