On Wednesdays our elementary children meet together for large group fellowship and worship, and then split into small groups for discipleship, teaching and prayer. Our year is split into four quarters based on the school year.


Quarter 1, September – December: Traveling Through the Bible, Part 1 (New Testament)

This program will take children through the Bible focusing on the Big Picture ideas found in God’s Word. In both large group and small group settings children will be able to creatively read, hear, and experience the timeline of Biblical History, while at the same time learning how to apply God’s principles to their lives.

Quarter 2, January – March: Service Clubs

This quarter deals with the hands on application of Jesus’ example of serving others (Mark 10:43-45). The children break into small groups for prayer and scripture memorization, followed by working on a service project.  The projects range from sewing blankets for homeless people to making Bible storybooks to send to military personnel overseas.  If you have an idea for a Service Club contact us! (Please include your name, phone number, and area of interest)

Quarter 3, April – May: Traveling Through the Bible, Part 2 (Old Testament)

See description above for Quarter 1 – except it’s the Old Testament!

Quarter 4, June – August: Summer Fun! and The Master’s Challenge

Our summer quarter is different than the rest!  We start with large group fellowship and worship, and then have a variety of outdoor events and fun to build our friendships.  We also work on memorizing God’s Word and Junior Bible Quiz questions about His Word, ending the summer with The Master’s Challenge.